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Determination, Experience, and a Genuine Desire to Help
 Our primary area of practice is based on the needs we see in our community.  As a hispanic attorney, I see a growing need in my community for assistance with the ever-changing and complex immigration laws.  Immigration law places a high value on the family unit.  These values are consistent with the values of this firm.  
 Assistance With Navigating the Ever-changing and Complex Immigration System
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The Law Office of Philip A. Perez, PLLC was founded in 2009 with an understanding that every individual in the justice system deserves strong legal representation.  Philip Perez believes in the principle of protecting every person's constitutional rights regardless of their background. His unique and diverse background, work experience, and education has allowed him maintain relationships with attorneys and legal professionals in virtually every major city in Texas, including the valley.  In addition to being a qualified advocate Mr. Perez understands that strong legal representation not only requires knowledge of the law but also an understanding of the complexities of our entire justice system.
Our firm strives to provide the best legal representation for immigration matters in central Texas.